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Addressing our planet's most pressing issues

The most important problems we face—from climate change to crises of democratic politics, sweeping technological change to mass migration and conflicts of various kinds—affect the shared future of everyone, everywhere on the planet.

A network of thinkers with backgrounds in academia and public policy, including scholars from Stanford, UC-Berkeley, Brown, Rice, Cal Poly Pomona, and beyond.

Our Leadership

What we offfer Global perspectives beyond boundaries.

The interconnected nature of the problems we face demands responses and solutions that move beyond status quo thinking and state boundaries. We leverage our independence from New York and Washington and draw on the global perspectives of our network of scholars and practitioners to address problems with urgency, passion, intellectual rigor, and a focus on engaging both decision-makers and regular citizens.

Policy from new voices.

We recognize that not all voices and perspectives receive the attention they deserve, particularly given the disproportionate effects of so many of these changes on different world regions. We collaborate with intellectuals, activists, policymakers, and cultural figures across the globe to elevate voices that need to be heard and surface policy proposals that need to be considered from diverse communities.

Intellectually rigorous and engaging content.

We aim to inspire and connect to people in meaningful ways, foster conversation and understanding, motivate people to take action, and redefine what a think tank can be.

Our areas of focus

Join us to:

  • stimulate discussion
  • educate policy makers and citizens
  • devise solutions
  • generate solidarity
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